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NURRAYSA PERFECT BROW SHAPING very special because it came with a brush, 2 in 1. The natural brown color that is suitable for all types of skin color.

Easy to carry and use and very easy to clean, not messy and facilitate daily business, especially in the prayers.

No silicon and safe to use, has also been approved by the Ministry of Health.
NO. KKM – NOT 161002158K

No Silicon
Wudhuk Friendly
Easy to use
Easy to shape
Easy to wash
Brown in colour

White Bees Wax, Caprylic, Collagen , Yellow Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide.

Method of use:
Lukis bentuk kening menggunakan Nurraysa Perfect Brow Shaping. Letakkan eyebrow di kawasan yang dilukis tadi. Ratakan kening dengan berus. Boleh gunakan concealer untuk tutupkan kening yang berlebihan.

Additional information

Weight 10 g


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